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Los Angeles Magazine Cover Story Look Who's Stalking?

Los Angeles Magazine

(Reporting this story got wacko, down to "smoking gun" tapes mailed to me anonymously. Weird stuff, but worth the amazing lobster soufflee dinner at Rockenwagner's chichi restaurant.)

By Jessica Seigel
Cover Story


ATE last fall, chef Hans Rockenwagner broke up with his girlfriend after two tumultuous years. Then strange things started to happen. When he arrived at LAX for his flight to visit family in Germany for Christmas, the Lufthansa agent told him someone had canceled his reservation. Strange. He rebooked. Then, at the boarding gate, three plainclothes officers pulled him out of line. With his still boyish good looks and imperious manner, he does not look the type to attract a random drug search.

"They started searching me in front of everyone, touching me all over, you know?" recalls Rockenwagner, wincing as he extends his hand, palm up, then partially closes his fingers around an imaginary sphere to indicate what "all over" means.

More to come...