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Ms.Magazine Secrets of the Bonobo Sisterhood
Ms. Magazine ASJA Profile Award
Tourists in straw hats and flip-flops press their noses to the glass, trying to make sense of a strange, yet oddly familiar scene in the bonobo ape enclosure. One woman in the crowd, though--the scientist with long blond hair, denim miniskirt and black platform sandals--isn't at all perplexed.....

nytimes Fat Chance
The New York Times
Op-Ed Page
THE marketing campaign generating so much free publicity for a giant cosmetics company shows real women, rather than anorectic teenagers, in white bras and panties posing next to the slogan, ''New Dove Firming. As tested on real curves.''

nytimes Inhaling Their Food
The New York Times
Op-Ed Page
IN her best-selling diet book, ''French Women Don't Get Fat,'' Mireille Guiliano says that when she was an exchange student in the United States she gained 20 pounds from the American way of eating -- specifically from junk food.

Zone The Zone Diet Wars: "Medical Miracles" Hard to Swallow
Los Angeles Magazine, Award-winning Cover Story
HOLLYWOOD-The miniskirted personal assistant is desperate. She just sped all the way from Malibu to buy a case of The Zone Center's special snack bars,but they're sold out. "Don't you understand?" she whines...

Bootcamp While Nasdaq Burns: Last Web Hurrah
The New York Times Magazine
'This is big -- really big," said Bill Sarpalius, a former Texas congressman, taking in the scene at Boot Camp for Start-Ups.While the Nasdaq imitated sine waves on computer screens around the world, Sarpalius and everybody else in sight networked wildly...

Paypal With Debts Paid Online, Check Is in the E-Mail
The New York Times (Circuits)
The check was not in the mail, not for the last 10 years. Philadelphia salesman Serdar Danis had lent $15 to a walletless friend one night a decade ago, but had never been paid back. As time passed, it just seemed too petty to mention. Until now...

Electricity Fat-Fueled Electricity: Pedaling away the energy crisis Marketplace Public Radio (5 min., 2.59 Mb MP3)
AUDIO FROM CELEBRITY WORKOUT CLASS: "Up down. Up down. It's a sweatshop in here. If this were the third world, they'd send in outside monitors. But we're not even producing anything. It's nuts. We're wasting an amazing natural resource. FAT..." (More Tech Commentary)

GUT Gut Reaction: Psyching It Out
NY Daily News
Stomachache caused by emotional upset is so familiar that we've got an expression for it: getting "butterflies." But this was more like B-52s flying full bombs away...

Materialism Possessed: The Science of Materialism
The Chicago Tribune
The $1,575 Le Corbusier-style chair was a must. The 29-year-old advertising copywriter also had to have the Armani eyeglasses, the Cartier watch, and the Lichtenstein print. Behind his back, friends call him a materialist. He denies it...

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