Jessica Seigel has appeared as a media analyist and commentator on the O'Reilly Factor, Fox News, CNN and Nightline, beginning her TV work for KTLA (Los Angeles) with live daily courthouse analysis on covering the O.J. Simpson trial.



From reporting in the saddle on a polo pony, to trying on Marilyn Monroe’s gowns, and generating her own electricity by bicycle, Jessica Seigel gets inside the fads and fables of our time, producing features and commentaries for shows including Day to Day (NPR), On The Media (NPR) and Marketplace (MPR.) And as a talk show guest-host for XM Satellite Radio, she has interviewed public figures like Twiggy, Jane Goodall, Candace Bushnell, and Margaret Cho live on-air. Listen to her reel [4 min MP3]

Page 6 Bi-Polarized Election Disorder
Join Jessica Seigel as she goes for Voter Anxiety Therapy with a famous Washington D.C. psychoanalyst. His advice: Get off the couch!!

Page 6 Attack on Black
Is pink the new black? Only if you've had a lobotomy. Jessica Seigel defends the urban woman's power uniform from Martha to Catherine de Medici, with Hitchcock and Stepford Wives weighing in.

J & M Undercover with Marilyn Monroe
To debunk the myth that Marilyn would be near-plus size today, Jessica Seigel tries on the movie icon's actual clothing. The truly "undercover" investigation settles the curvy controversy, though reporting gets, uh, a bit un-seamly.

polo The Polo Lesson
It ain't no Ralph Lauren Polo fantasy when Jessica Seigel gets behind the scenes at the glam Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge-on horseback swinging a mallet. Argentinean champion Naco Taverna shows how to hit the ball (not the horse) in this on-the-hoof report.

Page 6 Elite Conceit
Happy you were waitlisted at the exclusive Soho House private club? Don't be. You were rejected, though you don't even know it. The Countess gets the scoop and the boot.

Page 6 Inside Page 6
In this Countess of Culture™ exclusive on New York's gossip wars, a New York Post staffer reveals how Page 6 is "like the mafia." Hold on to your kneecaps! (Picked up by Romenesko's and Gawker.)

stomp The Catwalk Clomp Models haven't always "horse" walked the runway scowling. This report looks at the evolution from 1970s free-spirited runway dance to Giselle Bundchen-inspired millennial stomp.

ilium Midriff Rebellion
It's scandalous! Girls exposing their anterior superior iliac spine - in public. This below-the-belt report tells how the trend is driving men crazy, offending blue-hairs, and creating a new aesthetic.


marketplace Covering the culture of technology for Marketplace public radio, Jessica Seigel survived market psychosis, generated her own electricity by bicycle, and more. Marketplace highlights:

bike Fat-Fueled Electricity [5:39 MP3]
Finally an answer to the world's energy crunch: hook all the treadmills and cycling machines in gyms around the world to electrical generators. To test the idea, tech commentator Jessica Seigel pedals the latest self-generating gadget. Los Angeles Press Club radio feature prize for creative use of sound.

AOL A Torrid Love Affair [3:28 MP3]
The worst dating story ever has nothing to do with the opposite sex. As falling tech stocks batter investors, Marketplace Public Radio commentator Jessica Seigel confesses a financial amour gone bad.

sound Electronic War and Peace [3:18 MP3]
Contradicting tech-industry hype, this report takes the electronic “e-book” to the streets of New York for citizen review. If only Wall Street had listened to the wisdom from green-haired East Village geeks.

gallop Stragglin' On Home [5:41 MP3]
Saddling up for the True West radio special from Marketplace productions, Jessica Seigel learns the silent code of the west riding with wild horses in Wyoming's Red Desert.