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Julianne MooreJulianne Moore...And More...And More
New Woman, Cover
HOLLYWOOD-"Heading to lunch with Julianne Moore at the wheel of her beloved driving machine isn't exactly California cruisin'. In this land of ego-fueled sports cars, her gray Volvo stands out like hiking boots at a beauty pageant...

JAKE Jake Gyllenhaal: Balancing Homer and Hollywood
NEW YORK-Currently appearing in real life as a student at Columbia University, Jake Gyllenhaal begged Universal Pictures brass not to send a limo to take him to the New York premiere of his first major movie. Sure, kiddo, studio flacks promised, but then...

Julianne Moore...and More...and More... Hugh Hefner: Life at the Mansion
The Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES-"The toilet seat is unmistakably vertical, standing straight above the black marble toilet bowl of the Playboy Mansion's den bathroom..."

Peninsula The Peninsula Hotel: What Price Perfection?
BUZZ Magazine, Cover
BEVERLY HILLS-"Luxury, like sausages, should never be seen in the making. It is ugly. Hideous. Unspeakable...

Townshend Pete Townshend: See Me, Hear Me
The Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES-Pete Townshend meekly protests as he is dragged in front of a pinball machine for a photo shoot promoting the national tour of "The Who's Tommy," the rock opera he wrote nearly 30 years ago. Slight problem. He hates pinball.

diaz How Cameron Diaz Came So Far, So Fast
The Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES-In a few minutes, Cameron Diaz will go on television for a live interview. Before heading out to the set, she pulls at her wraparound miniskirt, worrying that it will fall open on national TV. "Can I chew gum while I'm out there?" she wonders. Is she serious? Or being Ironic?

names Stallone, Swayze, Travolta: The Name is the Game
The Chicago Tribune
LOS ANGELES-The movie "Beach Babes From Beyond" is far less funny than a "Gilligan's Island" rerun, despite remarkable cameos by breasts not normally found in nature and riveting suspense generated by a bikini contest.

Hepburn Audrey Hepburn on a Role
The Chicago Tribune Cover
Audrey Hepburn agrees to switch roles and play the reporter for a moment.In her light British accent, she sounds elegant as her photographs show her to be. But we can't see all that refineement through the optic fibers. Would Ms. Hepburn please describe the scene at her end of the line?..