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NGTRunning with Wild Horses
National Geographic Traveler
RED DESERT, WYOMING-The scrubby desert landscape around us is so unchanging that it passes for a big event when a cloud drifts overhead, casting a rolling shadow over the endless flats. Then I see a horse skeleton, its bones bleached and scattered. I'm starting to feel bleached and scattered myself..

NGT Tales of Megiddo: Digging at the Real Armageddon
National Geographic Traveler
ISRAEL-Indiana Jones battled snakes, boulders, and heathens during his archaeological quests, which sounds fine to me. But I don’t recall the scene where he wakes before dawn to kneel in the dirt scraping with a dental pick for three hours.

LongWolfSioux Warrior Returns: Haunting Last Wish
Reader's Digest
ENGLAND and PINE RIDGE, S.D.-- In a red-brick hospital in the heart of Victorian London, the Sioux Indian woman sat anxiously by her husband’s bed. The man’s breath came in labored gasps. There was nothing doctors could do for his pneumonia. Long Wolf had faced death many times in battle...But to be left for all eternity in a strange city half a world horn home was unthinkable.

Jessica Climbing Get Solid As a Rock: Climbing Over the Edge
New York Post
ADIRONDACKS-If you're, don't look down, the rock climbing instructor told us. So naturally, I did. I unglued my cheek from the granite face of Mt. Joe and peered over tree tops and mountain peaks stretching miles into the wilds.

crazyhorseNear Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse reclaims his native lands
The Chicago Tribune
BLACK HILLS, SOUTH DAKOTA--Climbers aim for the summit because it is there. Bungee jumpers dive off the top because they aren't all there. Spiritual-seekers commune on the peak because something else is there. The challenge of the mountain sends each person over the edge in his or her own way.

MegiddoGood Old Salamanca
The Chicago Tribune
SPAIN-In past centuries, the sons of wealthy families brought along fancy inlaid wooden trunks when they arrived in Salamanca to study. Their luggage (now on display in the municipal museum) often was the most impressive thing about them.

MegiddoMeat-packing town's heyday has come and gone
The Chicago Tribune
SIOUX CITY,IOWA- When it rains hard in Sioux City, blood sometimes runs down the walls at the K.D. Station, a former slaughterhouse turned into a shopping mall.